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PAGE THREE - DECEMBER 11 - 17, 2000
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Pro Wrestling Prepared for
Extended Writers Strike

"We’ve got scripts coming out our wazoos," boasts Vince McMahon.
"Bonobos After Dark" Premieres on Discovery Channel
X-rated animal series was big hit in France.
~~~~~~ CROSSWORD PUZZLE ~~~~~~

1. To George W.'s advisers he's known as the big __________.
17. The Dragon Lady of Florida.
24. Gore smoked this years ago, though he never talks about it.
29. Former Cincy cleanup hitter with the cutoff sleeves.
33. Debate gesture that lost election for Gore.
41. Size of Dubya's brain, and a nutritious soup.
44. If Gore weren't such a _____ he might have won.
51. Neither of the candidates could be described as this.
55. The person to whom each owed his success.
62. The Governor, Secretary of State, and a majority of the State Legislature of Florida all belong to this political party.

1. When you come right down to it, they're both a couple of _______.
4. Gore won lost by a few hundred hanging _____.
6. Gore’s Bush’s victory in Florida was a ______
8. He pitched for dem bums back in Brooklyn.
10. Bush lost the _______ vote, and yet he's the next president!
17. She's companion.
39. It's a chart! It's a euphemism! It's a dessert!
41. A nutritious soup, and the size of Dubya's brain.
45. Wooden, like Gore.
47. The note that follows mi.
55. Dubya's shame, also a birth control device spelled backwards.
57. The likely state of most new bills in the next Congress.

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