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PAGE THREE – OCTOBER 15 -21, 2007
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New Record Set at Rubik's Cube Championships
Competitor smashes fifteen out of frustration, surpassing old mark of twelve.
Craig Will Serve Out Term Despite Not Being Permitted to Withdraw Guilty Plea
Hopes to get caught with hooker, restore tarnished reputation.
Miss America Launches Own Web Browser
Blocks access to porn, profanity and
New Theory Says Shakespeare's Works Written by Group of Writers
Half a dozen guys sitting around, “spitballing.”
Human In-Country Customer Service Rolled Out!
It's still in beta, but you can now call a limited number of companies and speak to a human representative who will answer your questions in clear, easy to understand English. You can still request to talk to a computer or someone in New Delhi, but most "first adopters" will want to at least sample this innovative way of dealing with the public. Free, where available.
In Atlantic City, New Jersey, how many recent mayors have been arrested and how many City Council members are now in prison or under house arrest?
A ) One of eight mayors arrested, one of nine Council members in prison or under house arrest.
B ) Two of eight mayors arrested, two of nine Council members in prison or under house arrest.
C ) Four of eight mayors arrested, three of nine Council members in prison or under house arrest.
Hint: answer is not A) or B)

Who recently said the Bush administration's handling of the war was “incompetent” and we're “living a nightmare with no end in sight?”
A ) Dennis Kucinich, to Seymour Hersh.
B ) Sean Penn, to Rolling Stone.
C ) Lt. Gen Ricardo Sanchez, Ret., to a gathering of military reporters and editors.
Hint: think “former top American commander in Iraq.”

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