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PAGE THREE – NOV 25 - DEC 1, 2002
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Piazza Asks Divine Intercession
Pope will speak to God about the Mets.
Baseball: Every Team to Play One Game in Bermuda Next Year
But not for tax purposes, insists the commissioner.
NFL: 3 Owners Lost for
Season With Broken Toes

Each kicked a wall after their starting quarterbacks were knocked out for the season.
Latest Generation Rankings (courtesy Generation Journal)
    Greatest Generation
    Beat Generation
    Lost Generation
    Me Generation
    Pepsi Generation
People Picks Ben Affleck as "Sexiest Man Alive"
Clark Gable named by Dead People in similar category.
John Poindexter, now in charge of the government program to gather all available information on all its citizens, earned the respect of the Bush Administration by:
A)establishing the Public Integrity Institute to promote honesty in government.
B)working with the ACLU to protect the civil liberties of all Americans.
C)Lying repeatedly to Congress, under oath, about his secret, illegal actions in the Iran-Contra scandal.

Which of the following statements is FALSE:
The top 1% of American families
A) have incomes equal to the bottom 40%.
B) will get more than half of the Bush tax cut.
C)have enlisted in the Army to fight in Iraq out of a profound sense of gratitude for what America has given them.

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